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May 16th 2022
Author: Spiff
LEVI'S® VINTAGE CLOTHING Turns 501® Jeans Inside Out

You already know of our weakness for LEVI'S® VINTAGE CLOTHING. a line of Levi's® that pulls from the American brand's own 140-year archive and captures the spirit and heritage of American worker clothing, reproducing cuts, fabrics and details from bygone eras. A way of reliving the past that we at Spiff Magazine celebrate. This is because each of its new iconic reissues and special editions are celebrated in this newsroom in style. It's a way of offering timeless products to those of us who are obsessed with the clothes of past times.

20.000 rare and unique items of Levi's® clothing and artifacts remain safely kept in a vault inside the San Francisco headquarters. A specially protected archive. All garments are kept at a uniform temperature and wrapped in unbleached cotton. No wonder, some garments date back to 1873!

Of all the relics that we find in the Levi's® archive in San Francisco, without a doubt, one of the greatest curiosities is the one known as 501® Inside Out jeans. Standard 501® jeans, but turned inside out. Customized in the 70s, rumor has it that they were created as a gift from an American brand executive to a fishing buddy in Oregon. The peculiarity of the jeans is that the inner face of the denim is seen on the outside and the characteristic dark indigo blue tone of the fabric remains on the inside.

Levi's® Vintage Clothing Inside-Out 501® jeans

501® Inside Out jeans

Whether this story is true or not, for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection Levi's® has decided to reproduce this archival piece as Levi's® Vintage Clothing Inside-Out 501® jeans.

This special edition of only 501 units, which will be available on May 20, coinciding with the 149th anniversary of the501®, jeans and which is known as Levi's® 501® Day, They will have all the details present in the classic 501 1963®: straight leg, the Two-Horse rear backpatch and the Red Tab. The only difference from the original is that the new edition is made with denim from the traditional Cone Mills White Oak factory.

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