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22 October 2021
Author: Spiff
The List of Best-Dressed Men

Fashion magazines often make the mistake of publishing lists of best-dressed men who are actually dressed by others. This is nonsense. What is style if it's not your own? Can you imagine saying So-and-So is a good writer when in reality, So-and-So hasn't written anything?
Here's a list of the best-dressed men found on Instagram, which is almost like a list of the best-dressed guys in the world, because except for my mother and some outsider I've ever met, everyone has Instagram. Don't expect something headed by Netflix teens dressed by Margarita, a stylish woman who handles the color palette well. Many unknowns, at least among mainstream, and magazines, as well as a list of mature people. There is an age in which one should not allow themselves to be told what to wear or not to wear, no matter if whoever tells you this shares a bed with you. This reminds me a bit of the "I have always hated 'the soft man" bit, that El Fary used to say. Far from making a defense for machismo - if this is how it's interpreted, it's not understood at all - the soft man who would be the man who's dressed and does not dress himself, totally lacks my interest. I can respect him, yes, God forbid I don't, but he will NEVER be a man of style. The man with style does not bow to trends, he does not need recognition and does not give a damn if yours truly puts him on a shitty list or not.

By the way, all credits to the protagonists and their photographers, because with professional photographers it is also easier to look good. Ah, we didn't put Ralph Lauren in order to not look too predictable. 

Noboru Kakuta

Minimalist excellence with streaks of bespoke and workwear. Noboru is always a yes.

Yukio Akamine

When I think of how a brown suit should look, I think of him. One of the most elegant guys on the list.

Andreas Weinas

Let's say that when you have a hanger with you at all times, everything is easier. Still, we could not leave out the Swede.

Oliver Dannefalk

What he has achieved with Rubato makes the show beautiful. A bit of prep wear (moreso on his business partner) and a lot of mixture of everything, but it's all great.

Carl Pers

Who do you love more, Mom or Dad? Carl and Oliver exude as much style as their label does.

Nathaniel Asseraf

Vintage is juicy, but it can play tricks on you. Not on Nathaniel. He always measures up.

Max Poux

A guy who has been the cause of filling our inbox with photos of plastic watches from the 90s, he obviously deserved to be here. If he so desired, influencers would die of hunger.

Ethan Newton

He has created his own brand that people follow, and that's saying a lot. Vintage, denim and tailoring as a welcome cocktail.

Michael Hill

The success of Drake's is more than likely his fault. Corduroy, desert boots, colorful Swatchs and impeccable suits. He is the best image of his brand.

Joe Ha

One reader defined him as badass Yakuza. A little, sure, why deny it. We'll add, a most elegant badass Yakuza.

Yasuto kamoshita

There is no clear favorite on the list, but Kamoshita is close to it. The closest to Edward VIII here.

Jung Yul Park

Who doesn't like B & Tailor outfits? Well, this man is the architect. The most elegant tailor in the world?

Nicolas Gabard

The reincarnation of Serge Gainsbourg with much better hair. Nicolas has created a label, Husband Paris, which is the continuation of everything he is.

Robert Rabensteiner

We needed a Bohemian spirit on this list. A muse of Scott Schuman and all of us who are part of Spiff.

Patrick Johnson

Onassis-type glasses, Trinity rings, double breasted jackets and PP Aquanaut. Patrick has been taking all the things we like and incorporating them into his looks.

Gerardo Cavaliere

Lace polo shirts, chalkstripe suits, wide lapels and "pelazo". Gerardo exudes style in abundance. Nothing is imposed, everything is his. Essence without disguises. Without hair, something is missing. Don't even dare to do that again.

Alan See

If The Armoury is what it is, it's because of him. Alan is always looking good, in a suit or skating. He has created a label, an identity. Guaranteed on our list.

Mark choo

See's better half. Without him, The Armoury would not be the same. Special attention to his exquisite taste when choosing watches.

Jake Grantham

British seriousness gone through a blender of "dolce vita" summers. Jake is what his label represents, a perfect mix between British and Italian style.

Alex Pirounis

First in The Armoury, then going on to shine in Angloitalian with his partner Jake, Alex is synonymous with chic with a roll. Navy blue double-breasted suits and knitted ties make his wardrobe anyone's dream.

Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers is the closest thing to Frank Sinatra walking on the beach, and that should be enough.

Tony Sylvester

Tony is a party. A wardrobe of vintage and contemporary garments worn with the authority of a rock star.

Tommaso Capozzoli

Sprezzatura is defined as the self-confidence and self-confidence of the courtly gentleman, which consists in concealing a feeling or attitude with studied exercise and grace. Tommaso does not hide anything, his style is innate. Italian essence and elegance.

Simone Righi

More of the same. When it comes to Simone, YES to "Italians do it better".

Fred Nieddu

Although his public appearances are rare, they are enough to distill high-end workwear and tailoring. We like Fred a lot. And his work, even more.

Auro Montanari

The man with the coolest watch collection on the face of the Earth couldn't dress badly. Vintage denim and Neapolitan bespoke suits. Auro, il Capo.

Valentino Rizzi

Only suitable in Valentino. This is what some of the Italian's oversize lapels should be called. On him, they look so fabulous ...

Alessandro Squarzi

The chest of memories. The best of the 60s and 70s seasoned with current trends. We envy you so much, Mr. Squarzi.

Douglas Cordeaux

A gentleman. No matter how hackneyed the word is, yes.

Jeremy Hackett

Nobody else. You can't think of Savile Row and not think of him.

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