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March 17
Author: Spiff
Blancpain No Rad Fifty Fathoms

We have a reissue, bravo! Blancpain brings us again one of those iconic watches, the Fifty Fathoms “no radiations”. The Tribute Watch to Fifty Fathoms No Rad revisits the historical model from which it is inspired.

The watch is beautiful -subjective opinion-. That perfect combination of matte dark black colors sprinkled with geometric shapes ... That hour scale, hands and hour disk, covered with Super-Luminov® “old radium”, reproducing what we enjoy so much, that beige and orange tone of the sleek indicators of the era ... Man, sigh, what a sheen does to us ...

Like one of the models from the 60s, this new reinterpretation incorporates a cut-out date at 3 o'clock, with a white border, because it never hurts to know the day one lives in...

One of the characteristics at the time and in this new model is that of its “no radiations” logo. That glow typical of divers At the time, this was made with radium, well, a painting done with radium ... There is something to talk about for a long time here, but to summarize that in the 60s, the use of radioactive material for any need began to be discouraged. Blancpain, then removes the radio from its watches, and advertises it through the logo we have mentioned; three red segments on a yellow background crossed out with a black cross. The words "no radiations" inscribed below the logo then guaranteed a more than clear understanding of the message. Time would make this Blancpain dial one of the most sought after by collectors.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

The bezel rotates in one directional, with a gradation typical of the older version. As a novelty, a sapphire glassbox insert, which gives it a domed profile. As for the box, 300 meters of tightness, and about 40,3 mm in diameter. As we like, of course, watches with a large diameter, not suitable for Spiff.

The new Fifty Fafthoms comes with the Blancpain caliber 1151, a self-winding movement equipped with a silicon coil that offers 4 days of power reserve. In order to make the oscillating mass more flexible and protect said movement from possible blows, and as would happen with the first Fifty Fathoms, the new lift of its two small barrels is carried out through a rotor equipped with a cartridge-shaped opening. Finally, rubber, more specifically, the "Tropic" type, is the material used for the strap.

An iconic watch, used in its initial version, first by French combat swimmers in 1953, for their underwater missions, and already in the 60s by the German navy, adopting the Fathoms RPG 1 or “BUND No Rad”, which is in reference to the armed forces with the term "Bundeswehr" engraved on the back of the watches worn by the elite command of the German frogmen, until the early seventies.

In short, an absolute success of the firm belonging to the Swatch group, that of bringing us this limited edition, and recovering that cult of the Sixties diver styles. And on top of that, before Father's Day ... You know what to do!

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