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April 20
Author: Spiff
Julio Iglesias, Style Icon

A few days ago I saw a post by Maluma emulating that famous photo from 86 where Julio Iglesias appeared in his private jet, in a tank top, a bucket of KFC fried chicken, a tortilla de patatas -we don´t know if he cooked it or if it was Casa Dani- and a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild. One of the best photos in history. I´m not going to get into comparisons, they're awful. I want to talk about Julio, the father of us all. Today, he's the star of memes and jokes, yesterday, he was a Latin Lover and a playboy for older women. Julio was, and always will be, eternal. I'm writing these words down on Good Friday, and I don't know if that's just a coincidence. Julio has achieved such an omnipresence that can only be justified in a mythical or philosophical context. I wish I were a Buddhist so I could be reincarnated as him; my life would be amazing.

Rigoberta Bandini takes us back to Sorrentino: she braids her hair and reminds you that Julio Iglesias used to play in your car. And that's because Julio in cars is like the crucifix you hang from your rearview mirror, it's universal, like the clash in the heavens when trouble strikes even though you don't believe in coincidences.

Julio Iglesias in his private jet

Julio Iglesias and Jaime Peñafiel

He's Spanish, yes, and as such, he's villified by his own people. Because we Spaniards are all about attacking our own. We do it with Nadal, another Sun Being. Iglesias' tan, his yacht, and his lifestyle bring out our envy and commentary. Maybe his lifestyle isn't from this timeperiod. Wine, and not simply that from Cumbre de Gredos, gold Rolexes, women, Rolls Royes and beds covered with rose petals. An image of Marbellan excess which at first glance provokes rejection. But anyone with even the most minimal curiosity must resist resorting to clichés or caricatures and ask himself why this man went out for picnics with Michael Jackson and Elton John in the '90s. Oh damn, that trio on a picnic is definitely meme-worthy.

You don't reach those heights overnight. I suppose Julio had to sweat blood and tears to reach that Olympus of the American jet set. I don't know exactly how he did it, I'm not an expert, but I do know that along the way, he left his mark. Life Magazine referred to him as "The Sex Symbol of Menopause", and this is because his picaresque and bon vivant image made panties drop à la Joey Tribbiani. With just one look.

In 1985 the singer confessed to Hola! Magazine that he had to choose between therapy and the Bahamas. A sad confession that makes itself funny. Maybe that's what Iglesias' magic always was. Taking life's pleasures -and pains- and turning them into jokes and tans. Maybe that attitude towards life, that bravado, that always knowing how to say something that would generate a smile in the person standing in front of him, has the domino effect on style that yours truly confesses to be iconic. Woven tuxedos, acid-washed jeans, inky blue suits with even darker ties, sailor shirts, moccasins by Jesús Canovas, white linen pants, navy blazers... All that being said, your father is an icon. Be proud.

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