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12 January 2021
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Keith Haring, Mickey Mouse and Swatch

Breaking! We have news of a new collaboration from Swatch. This one with the Keith Haring Studio. A Swatch collection featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse from the perspective of the iconic '80s New York pop artist and activist, Keith Haring.

And this is because Swatch, art, and artists have always gone hand in hand. Anyone who owns a Swatch already knows what we're talking about. The firm's goal has always been to make art accessible to everyone. First, collaborating with renowned artists, and later making their own designs.

The first to jump on the Swiss bandwagon was Christian Chapiron, popularly known as Kiki Picasso. Swatch launched the design made by the French painter, filmmaker and designer in 1985. A dial with the portrait of the artist's wife, which has become a holy grail among collectors, paying up to $28000 at auction in London in 1992. Yes, 28000.

Swatch-Kiki Picasso

Kiki Picasso Swatch

David LaChapelle x Amanda Lepore, Alfred Hofkunst, and Damien Hirst - with his own Mickey Mouse-, there have been other collaborations between famous artists and the watchmaker.

But this list could not go without Keith Haring himself; even moreso knowing what the Pennsylvanian was like, believing that art should be created for absolutely public purposes. The language of his designs made a great impact on all the streets and subway stations of New York and served to illustrate funding campaigns in favor of children's literacy and AIDS awareness.

Those who knew him say that Haring always wanted to work for Disney, and that at some point in his life, he decided to take matters into his own hands using the figure of Mickey Mouse as a recurring feature in his work.


Swatch x Keith Haring (1986)

Swatch's latest collection is Swatch's second release featuring designs by Keith Haring. The first was in 1986, when the New York artist designed four watches before opening his famous Pop Shop on Lafayette Street in downtown New York. These watches, sold as a limited edition, are still among the most collected Swatch designs today. We speak of precisely one of them -the GZ102-, in one of our most read interviews, the one with the watch collector, John Goldberger. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?

The collection:

Indeed, we are looking at a small work of art to wear on our wrists. Don't expect the typical Disney version of Mickey Mouse, which Robert Langdon proudly showed us in The Da Vinci Code. Even recognizing the rodent perfectly, in each of the designs in this new collection, all of them present the unmistakable stamp of the American artist.



Mickey Mouse's nose on the model MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR, evokes the designs of the first years of the character's life, characterized by a more pronounced nose, and of course, in black and white. In this particular model, the MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR, the pop of yellow cut-out hands and strap loop perfectly offset the minimalist monochrome design.

For more colorful options, which are not ruled out here -not even when one puts on his best clothes-, the MOUSE MARINIÈRE model goes for color revolution and comes with a half red, half striped strap, inspired by Mickey's iconic shorts.



The latest model, the ECLECTIC MICKEY, is the most Haring of all. We do not know if it's for this reason, but it is also the most sought after. The artist's own scribbles invade the strap and dial of a watch that is already being sold on Ebay for €600.

If you don't like wearing a watch on your wrist, but you like Haring, just know that it is also available in maxi size. 2 m to be exact. It receives the name of MAXI ECLECTIC MICKEY and it's as functional as it is collectible



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