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April 29
Author: Spiff
Quarantine in Slippers

Wearing pajamas and slippers at home are underrated. This article will intent to discuss the slippers. We will have another opportunity to talk about pajamas.

We spend many hours at home, especially now. Many of us enjoy coffee, books, a playing vinyl, a series, an, as the Italians say, “il dolce far niente”, under our own roof. The same one that shelters us from the rain and gives us warmth from harsh winters. There is no better feeling than coming home, taking off your shoes, suit, dress, jeans or whatever God wants you to wear and putting on clean pajamas and some slippers to be around the house. Who wants to step the whole house with the same shoes you were stepping the street?

The quarantine has shown us the most stylish guys showing us their houses, their collections of books, movies, watches, but above all the quarantine has taught us that style is not at odds with specific occasions. The style remains perennial; in the streets, in the most exclusive finery and in our own homes, even if we are confined in them.

Tony Sylvester, singer of Turbonegro, and one of the most elegant people shown on social networks, has not done any challenge with rolls of toilet paper. Toneloki, that is his pseudonym on Instagram, has challenged his followers to show their outfits under the hashtag #showusyourrobe. A very inspiring visual experience that has revealed hundreds of stylish gowns.

slippers menstyle turbonegro tonysylvestre

Tony Sylvester

The Turbonegro singer, this time without a dressing gown, but wearing black slippers with his initials embroidered.

I am a bit like Tarantino, I have paid more attention to the feet rather than the upper body. Many of these photographs were characterized by precisely the footwear used for these purposes. There were no ugly slippers. Belgians, Venetian furlanes and Albert Slippers were gradually invading Instagram and my head. I already own the first ones, but the second and third are still in the shopping cart.

Taking advantage of the fact, we have asked Tony where does this love for slippers come from and what is the best way to use them. We have also asked him what his favorite brand is. These have been the singer's responses:

“I think Albert slippers with a leather sole, opera pumps or a similar one, are in the same settings that loafers would be suitable for. The leather and suede variants will obviously wear out a little less and last longer if you're looking for an outdoor shoe. Velvets do get messy, and they get messy pretty quickly. I really like them with faded and worn old jeans, and of course, nightwear.

My favorites are the traditional English slippers from Norwich in East Anglia. There are two brands that make a difference: Bowhill & Elliott and Broadland slippers.

I also wear Belgian shoes. The real ones, not the knockoffs you see everywhere these days. "

tonysylvester turbonegro slippers menstyle

Tony Sylvester

Again the singer, doing a good demonstration of how to wear this type of footwear.

Albert Slippers or simply Slippers are nowadays, the sexiest footwear on the market. We are at home, we are not going to go with the Chukka or Balmoral from the bathroom to the living room, right? In addition, Hugh Hefner was always in slippers and a dressing gown and always surrounded by girls….

Sexy, comfortable, homemade and formal. Just these three descriptions should start to powerfully grab your attention.

Baccara, back in the 70s they sang "Yes sir I can boogie", but they asked for a song. A server, apart from a song, to be able to dance, needs these slippers.

hughhefner playboy slippers

Hugh Hefner

The founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine in his famous dressing gown and velvet slippers.

Velvet slippers became popular as a consequence, like so many other garments, of the endorsement of a celebrity. In this case, from Prince Albert, Prince Consort of the United Kingdom in the late XIX century. Hence the Albert Slippers ...

Of course the slippers already existed. History books tell us that the shoe was invented by Alvin Slipper in 1922, but these references are not certain because the term has been used since 1478 to define a similar type of footwear, and since the SXVI century, wealthy Europeans have used different versions of silk, velvet or leather.

During the Victorian era, men began to appreciate what I was saying at the beginning; better to keep shit out of the home, better to swap your boots or shoes for slippers. Prince Albert was one of those men. In addition, he did not live in a 30-square-meter hovel. We guess that he was no into Sunday-cleaning as we suppose he would have someone to do it for him. Those palaces used to have a lot of space and a lot of carpet they had to kept clean.

Prince Albert took the simple sneaker design that was popular at the time and added his flair. As the elegant and formal man he was, he introduced the upper in velvet and added luxurious quilted linings. There are many photographic references where you can see him with slippers. In this specific case, he is wearing Opera Pumps slippers. A type of sneakers whose use is limited to very formal occasions.

Today's Opera Pumps are typically black patent leather with a grosgrain silk on the instep, designed to match the silk of the tuxedo and bow tie lapels. Its modern use, both Opera Pumps and Albert Slippers, is again determined by celebrities. First, when guys like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, David Niven or Steve Mcqueen brought them up in their respective times; and now, when many of us who are inspired by them, we do the same.

franksinatra slippers

Frank Sinatra

The singer lying in bed, reading the newspaper, in a velvet dressing gown and slippers.

Going back to the Albert, say that the most informal is traditionally made in black velvet. Its leather version is known as Churchill, since was the Prime Minister who popularized them.

The Albert shoe is warm, let's not forget that it is lined and padded, so its use is more oriented to cold seasons or to live in palaces with a lot of current and without a fire to warm us.

The slippers, apart from what has been said, are customizable. The perfect chance for you to make them as you prefer. From the owner's initials embroidered on the top, to marijuana leaves, Dry Martini glasses, Bulldogs, skulls, devils and hundreds of versions available for each of us.

An added value of Albert Slippers is its use. This is more of a subjective opinion. Personally, I would not limit them to domestic use. I think that unlike the furlane, more optimal for home, the Albert could occasionally feel the fresh air. I wouldn't use them for big daily walks, but I would use them to walk around a little.

Black, burgundy, green or navy blue, plain, with off-white socks, pleated trousers, shirt and v-neck jumper; or jeans, shirt and blazer are (I think) a good combination. In this case, if what we want is to keep the dirt off the street, either we pass them a washcloth, or we buy two pairs ... The first option is better. And is that allocating between $ 300 (average price) up to $ 500 or more for a shoe intended primarily for indoor use, is undoubtedly a luxurious indulgence.

British firms are are recognized as the best in this market.. We have found the cheapest ones in the Broadland Slippers firm. For 135 pounds you can have the simplest model, the smooth. Browhill & Elliott also offer us a good option for about $ 200


Arthur Sleep Slippers


Del Toro Slippers

If what we are looking for are "more fun" alternatives, with more options in the choice of fabrics, colors and embroidered designs, we must look elsewhere. London-based Arthur Sleep competes with US companies Del Toro ($ 325) and Stubbs & Wooton ($ 500), for being the slippers company with the largest number of design options to choose from.

But neither del Toro nor Arthur Sleep manage to snatch first place from the North American Stubbs & Wooton, whose product is manufactured in Spain. Since we get to choose different options, we choose the ones designed by Luke Edward Hall for Stubbs & Wooton.

lukeedwardhall slippers

Luke Edward Hall and his Slippers


Stubbs & Wootton slippers collection by Luke Edward Hall

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