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Talented Mr Ripley
21 2021 June
Author: Spiff
Ripley's Son

There are only a few days left until summer and I still haven't found Ripley. For a few years now, on these coming dates when the days are longer and the nights shorter, we meet and talk. He always talks about the same thing, his story, his clothes, his way of being… Every year the same, I'd say it tires me, but since we only meet once a year, I don't complain. I would even say that he has been anchored in his good moments, a kind of Dorian Gray lost in his own virtue, sunk by it and unable to escape. Summer is coming and I think of him when I face my closet. Well, actually who he pretends to be, Dickie. Scott Fraser knit polo shirts, white pants by Casatlantic, pinky rings, Roman sandals like the ones by Balenciaga in our feed, cotton piqué shirts like the Four Seasons by Cast & Lane, some of the wonderful Maison Bonnet glasses, Cuban collar and short sleeves in Camoshita T-shirts… Whoever said no to short sleeves didn't know anything.

I don't know if this is the case because of its inspiring current or because few can match it. Who is this year's Tomas Ripley? Who is the role model? You probably have yours, I haven't found mine yet. Perhaps this is because I have distanced myself from the world of casual fashion and the clearest references for this particular season have already been in his mind for a long time. Escaping the mainstream is difficult for those who do not leave it and take refuge in the classics. It is perhaps what has happened to me, and what I am trying to fight against. Oranges, mesh bags, photographs of Slim Aarons ... We take refuge in the classic because we do not want to do the work of filtering the good and the bad, leaving at the same time that arduous task that ends up elevating the best, creating solid references of memory and more classic nostalgia.

With networks, candidates emerge, of course. People on the street, well, on Instagram, are now the ones who inspire. For better, and for worse. Let's hope we tip the balance. You will be the final say. In the end, style is a convoluted idea made simple, a moment when all sources of inspiration converge and when the recipe becomes another ingredient for a whole with many fronts.

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