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Mcqueen Playboy Chukka
30 October 2020
Author: Spiff
You also want McQueen's Chukka Boots

The fact that Steve McQueenis a style icon is no secret. The movie star who in the 70s turned out to be the highest paid in Hollywood, no big deal, has been a good reflection to look at. In terms of clothes, cars, motors ... In terms of his personal life, not so much apparently, but here we have come to talk about my book; McQueen's Life, tomorrow.

If at any time we must highlight McQueen as a style reference, it is in the movie Bullit. His car, a badass 390 Ford Mustang 68 Fastback, his cashmere turtleneck sweater, his tweed jacket, his raincoat, but above all his Chukka Boots are elements that are presented as essential in any of our wardrobes.

Everyone talks about Sanders & Sanders as the British brand that fashioned the shoes for the "King of Cool" in that movie. Ehhhhhh, wrong. The American star wore Hutton's Playboy, a model of Chukka Boots made by the English shoemaker Hutton in Northampton, England. As the advertising of the time would say "The only country shoes you can wear in town without overstepping the mark.

steve mcqueen ford mustang style king of cool

Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) and his badass '390 Ford Mustang 68 Fastback.


Steve Mcqueen with Jacqueline Bissett on his Triumph during the filming of Bullitt in San Francisco (1968)

And thus Hutton in XNUMX swept the sector by putting the shoe Playboy on the market with a crepe sole, a material derived from rubber, with a rougher appearance, which gave the sole a pleasant sensation when walking and which perfectly insulated the foot from the cold. Wonderful invention, the crepe.

Hutton decided to call them Playboy and the truth is that we are left with the question of whether Hugh Hefner was inspired by footwear when changing the name of his magazine, up to that point Stag Party, to the final name known even to your grandma, Playboy. Whatever the reason, it was correct, Stag Party...

The shoe turned out to be a bestseller and soon went viral among the celebrities of the time. Actors like Anthony Perkins, Jason Robards, Steve McQueen himself, or the great jazz legend, Miles Davis, made them their own. Because in the XNUMXs, the preppy aesthetic exploded and of course, the Chukka Playboy could not be missing as elements of said style.

Hutton got a whiff of this, and before being overwhelmed by a multitude of parasitic copycats like Bong Joon-ho's, he filed the patent. The English rush did not last long and in 1970 came the "lean cows". During a period of financial difficulties, he had to sell the crepe patent and trademark the rights to a Swedish company.

Later, another company called Playboy Footwear bought the license and the brand from them. In the 90s, Hutton ended up closing his factory, but the Playboy Chukka Originals are still in the limelight with Playboy Footwear. Only in these, the construction has Goodyear, a technique that gives the shoe more durable properties.

steve mcqueen chukka boots jaguar xkss ivy look

Steve McQueen with his Jaguar XKSS and Chukka Boots

Regardless of this, today at the forefront of the style is the firm Sanders and Sanders, English shoemakers since 1873, who have been making the Playboy for decades, and who have become popular thanks to James Bond and Specter. Daniel Craig in the movie wears them and has produced an effect similar to that of McQueen with Bullit. Well, not quite.

We have not been able to discover how the patent issue and the rights of the Playboy brand are, but what we do know is that if you put Playboy Chukka into Amazon you are going to get a zillion options. The men Sweden would not find this very amusing, not at all.

Along with the previous two, Sanders and Sanders and Playboy Footwear, firms such as British Walkers, Gothic Shoe Company and George Cox Pop Boys are sharing in the success.

Playboy Chukka

Original Playboy Chukka

Price: 219€

Sanders Chukka

Sanders & Sanders Chukka Boots

Price: 230€

GEorge Cox Chukka boots

George Cox Chukka Boots

Price: 237€

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